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The Smok QBOX


Small but nice, that is the idea behind the box SMOK QBOX e-cigarette. Standard e-cigarettes are limited in their options, boxmods can become quite large and awkward again. The SMOK QBOX bridges the gap between versatility and a compact design. Yet this little powerhouse has a lot of technology to satisfy the experienced damper.

Note: You will find information about the SMOK QBOX e-cigarette here, depending on your needs and requirements, you can determine whether this is the best choice for you.

SMOK QBOX offers a lot of power in a small box
Despite its limited dimensions, this boxmod has a capacity of up to 50 watts. The built-in battery provides a capacity of 1600mAh, you can charge it via the included USB cable. The housing is made of nickel, stainless steel and titanium, the screen is made of Pyrex glass. This makes it a luxurious product with very modest dimensions.

For the advanced Vaper

This SMOK QBOX uses sub-Ohm coils, which means that you can produce a lot of vapor. There are also four types of coils available for this type of box mod. The air supply can be adjusted variably for a personalized experience. The display is clear and clearly shows your settings.

Limited content

You have to take into account that the tank has a capacity of 2 milliliters. This way the SMOK QBOX model can be kept as compact as possible. The battery is powerful enough to last a long time, charging via the USB cable is very easy. The power of 50 watts is impressive, you can also adjust the wattage to your preference.

The combination of a powerful boxmod, different types of (sub-Ohm) coils, a variable wattage and variable air supply makes this a versatile e-cigarette that is aimed at the experienced damper. For beginners this may not be the most suitable entry model.