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This is what chain smoking does to you

consequences of chain smokingSpider-man mutated by a bite from a radioactive spider. The Hulk grew large and green from radioactive radiation. There are plenty of superheroes created by mutation. However, unlike comic books and films, mutations usually don't work very well in real life. For example, cigarette smoking also appears to lead to a huge number of mutations in the lungs. Do smokers transform into superheroes or are cigarettes like Kryptonite for Superman?

150 changes per year

The figures come from a study on over 5000 tumors. Cancerous tissue was examined from seventeen parts of the body, including the lungs. These are all body parts that have been associated with cigarette smoking. The conclusion was that smoking one pack of cigarettes a day leads to 150 mutations in all lung cells per year. Well this is not so exciting in itself, but multiplied by all the years that there is smoking, it ticks anyway.

Every body mutates

Mutations in the body are not that special, because cells can change due to many circumstances. It mainly concerns the way in which they affect the functioning of cells. Imagine that the protein production of a cell changes in the body, which can lead to lung cancer. No such extensive study had previously been conducted in this area.

More mutating things

Despite the fact that smoking can lead to 150 mutations every year for a heavy smoker, and that again and again, there are other things that change our body. Think of air pollution, which is also very bad for your health. So if you want to mutate extra quickly, you will have to smoke a lot, and stand as much as possible between the busy traffic to inhale properly. But whether you will be happy with these mutations remains to be seen. The villains from comic books are often the result of a mutation, and you would rather not look like that ...