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Tobacco cigarette or electric cigarette

A cigarette with tobacco or a cigarette with e-liquid. In itself there doesn't seem to be much difference, just a solid or a liquid. Yet there are major differences that can literally make the difference between life and death. You can read about this on this page.

How does tobacco smoking work?

When smoking tobacco, a solid is ignited. The tobacco and the rolling paper are smoldering. When you take it, the fire is stirred up. The smoke enters the user's lungs. In addition to tobacco, other ingredients are also used, so it is not pure tobacco.

How does e-liquid vapors work?

With e-liquid vapors, a liquid is evaporated. The liquid has an evaporation point depending on the type, this temperature is reached by heating a resistance wire. The vapor enters the user's lungs. The main constituents of e-liquids are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, flavor and optionally nicotine.

What is the difference between tobacco and e-liquid?

The main difference is the amount of harmful substances that is released when burning a dry substance. This is much less with evaporation. It also appears that nicotine has a higher addictive effect in a normal cigarette than is the case with e-liquids. Smoke is also dangerous for the environment, do not vapor. With e-liquids there is more choice in nicotine content (up to 0%) and tastes.

Comparing apples and pears

It is a fact that most dampers have smoked before. Yet they are very different habits. The chemical processes are different, the actions are different and the impact on health is also different. Although the name e-cigarette is still used, modern mods and box mods no longer resemble cigarettes. This makes it difficult to compare the tobacco cigarette and the electric cigarette. In addition, we do not include electrical appliances with tobacco, which do belong to the tobacco products category.