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Total ban on smoking catering not yet visible due to coronavirus

Smoking ban in catering has already startedSmokers will not really have noticed yet, but smoking is now prohibited in restaurants and cafés. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the closings of catering establishments, you could not light a cigarette on a terrace anyway, and once the danger of infection has passed this will remain so. This also applies to Schiphol, where the smoking area is now closed for good. The news about the virus has clouded the news about the measures to make the Netherlands smoke-free a bit. Here are the last measures at a glance:

  • After an increase of 14 cents earlier this year, a pack of cigarettes has now become 1 euro more expensive, with an extra 12 cents on January 1, 2021. Shag will become even more expensive.
  • Nowhere is smoking allowed in the catering industry and at Schiphol. This currently has the least visible impact because we are currently collecting snacks and drinks or have them delivered at home.
  • In addition to the plane, it is becoming increasingly difficult for other travelers to get cigarettes; NS bans all tobacco products from their Kiosk and Stationshuiskamer locations. With current contracts such as Albert Heijn, AKO and Bruna, tobacco sales are gradually phased out. Smoking places at stations will also disappear soon.
  • As of July 1, all cigarette packs will have a uniform packaging without a brand name. For e-cigarettes and cigars, this rule will only come into effect in 2022.
  • When the new school year starts in August, no one is allowed to smoke in the schoolyard anymore.
  • In the course of 2020, all childcare locations and children's farms will be completely smoke-free.
  • Smoking areas in healthcare, culture, sports, education and in government buildings will disappear in 2021.
  • Business will also have to extinguish the last cigarette in 2022.

Some of the measures also apply to e-cigarettes that in the Netherlands have been virtually equated with tobacco products within the National Prevention Agreement. In countries such as England e-cigarettes are stimulated as a means to quit smoking.