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Trekpleister and Kruidvat stop selling cigarettes

The Trekpleister and Kruidvat retail chains are the last drugstores that have decided to stop selling cigarettes. They have experimented with e-cigarette sales for a while, but they have also been withdrawn from the market. This may also have been due to the inferior quality of these cig-a-likes, electronic cigarettes much like a regular cigarette. With this decision, they indicate that they are focusing on more responsible products.

Medicines, smells and cigarettes

You can buy products at the drugstore that you can also find at the pharmacy, such as pills for pain, vitamin supplements or creams for dry skin. Stores like Trekpleister, Kruidvat, Etos and DA compete on offer, price, service and ... tobacco? Not anymore, because there is no drugstore that still sells tobacco products. You can of course also mention other products that are not exactly healthy, such as sweets with a lot of sugar, but cigarettes are of a different order. However, they do sell smoking cessation products such as nicotine patches. In the meantime, stationery shops often still sell tobacco, which in itself is not a logical combination with paper, pens and school diaries. But these shops also sell scratch cards, because someone has to sell the tobacco, unless there is a total prohibition on cigarettes.

Why this joint decision?

At first glance, it may seem strange that two major competitors make the decision to ban tobacco products from their stores. But Trekpleister, like ICI Paris XL, falls under the Kruidvat Holding, which has been owned by a large Chinese company since 2002. Kruidvat was founded in 1975 by two Dutch entrepreneurs. They managed to distinguish themselves with low prices and with the sale of books and CDs. They also sold their own brand of e-cigarette for some time, which was quickly withdrawn from the market. Nowadays, electric cigarettes and accessories are often sold through specialized webshops that have more knowledge of these types of products.