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Update British health care e-cigarette report on websites

Update British health care e-cigarette report on government website

In 2015, research was conducted by the British government on e-cigarettes. Research was again carried out in 2018 to gain new insights into this matter. The British government published the latest findings via the official website Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this update, the press also relies on outdated information in e-cigarette reporting. Here are the main conclusions from the new study:

  • The risks of vapors are considerably lower than is the case with smoking. Switching from smoking to fumes offers measurable health benefits.
  • The use of e-cigarettes can help at least 20,000 Britons to quit smoking.
  • Partly thanks to electric cigarettes, the number of former smokers has increased, the number of smokers has fallen throughout the country.
  • Thousands of smokers believe that vapors are just as bad as smoking, so around 40 percent of smokers have never tried an e-cigarette.
  • There is much uncertainty about nicotine, less than ten percent of the population overestimates the negative effects of nicotine.
  • The use of e-cigarettes is not increasing any further, the number is stuck at fewer than three million British vapors.
  • There is no evidence that e-cigarette use among young people would encourage this target group to smoke. The number of young people who smoke continues to fall.

Clear conclusions from the British government

If you look at the above list you might suspect that it comes from a pro-vaping lobby, yet it is really a publication from the UK government that anyone can view via this link. The conclusions are often at odds with the conclusions drawn on mainland Europe, often quoting from much older studies. In the UK a lot of attention is paid to help smokers get rid of their addiction, e-cigarettes seem to be the solution. Read the complete report for all information about vapors in England.