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US doctors mention vaping as an alternative

86 percent US doctors recommends stop smoking products, including e-cigarette

The Mayo Clinic is a leading institution in the field of medical research and data collection with medical professionals. Although there were many assumptions about electric cigarettes, it was not clear how doctors informed their patients about these products and other treatments to get rid of smoking. By sending a survey to several hundred professionals, it became clear that by far the majority of doctors see e-cigarettes as a valuable tool to help smokers get rid of their addiction. No fewer than 86% of doctors in the United States recommend products to stop smoking, including the e-cigarette.

How was the research conducted?

An eight-page survey was sent by post to 1,500 doctors across a broad spectrum of healthcare services. From general practitioners to specialist surgeons in the hospital. Almost half of the recipients have completed the survey and sent it back, which gives a fairly clear picture. These are the main conclusions from the study:

  • 90% of doctors believe that it is their responsibility to inform patients about quitting smoking.
  • 86% of the respondents indicate that they advise on possible treatment methods.
  • 65% of medical professionals provide direct assistance to their patients to stop smoking.

Approximately two-thirds of doctors indicated that patients regularly ask for e-cigarettes, more than half ask themselves whether patients use these products. More than a third have already recommended fumes for smokers who want to quit, 11.5% regularly recommend this method. At present, it is mainly general doctors and general practitioners who are considering recommending e-cigarettes, while surgeons are still somewhat reluctant.


The research is not intended to stimulate the use of e-cigarettes, but rather to determine the attitude of medical professionals towards this method. The Mayo Clinic concluded that vaping should be promoted more in the fight to quit smoking. This position is in line with doctors in England who have been promoting e-smoking as an alternative to cigarette smoking for a long time.