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Use batteries with electric cigarettes

Use batteries with electric cigarettes

A big difference with normal cigarettes and electric cigarettes is the use of batteries in an e-cigarette. A lighter works slightly differently than a battery. With mobile phones and other devices, we are now used to charging and maintaining batteries. There are nevertheless a number of important issues to take into account with e-cigarettes. From the simplest e-cigarette to mods with multiple batteries; on this page we explain how it works.

Note: E-cigarettes work with batteries that you have to handle well. Always follow the instructions in the manual and contact the supplier if necessary.

How long does the battery for an e-cigarette last?

Electric cigarettes use rechargeable batteries, with the exception of disposable e-cigarettes that cannot be recharged. Just like with other rechargeable batteries, you can often charge the battery, but not unlimited. Certainly with an e-cigarette where the battery is often charged during the day, and has to deliver a lot of power, the battery has to endure a lot. This makes the battery a sensitive part of the whole that must be replaced regularly. This is sometimes indicated on the device, you can often also notice it in use. For example, if you have to top up more often, or if the pulling power decreases.

Charge the batteries

Chances are that you have several chargers in the house swinging from different devices with the same connection. Think of the smartphone, tablet, photo camera, USB speaker or an electric shaver. Even if the cable fits, this does not automatically mean that the charger is suitable for the type of battery that is present in the e-cigarette. Preferably use the supplied charger, otherwise pay close attention to the number of milliamps of the battery. If the battery has a capacity of 650 mAh, it is not wise to use a charger of 1000 mAh or 1 Ampère. That goes nice and fast, but you can irreparably damage the battery with it. You can charge a 2600 mAh battery with a 1 Amp charger. The maximum load capacity will be stated in the manual of the e-cigarette or the battery. If you are unsure, contact the supplier.

Use a separate charger

Some e-cigarettes use a fixed battery, with many brands and models you can change batteries. Charging is possible via the electric cigarette or via a separate adapter / cable. There are different standard sizes:

  • 18350
  • 18500
  • 18650
  • 20700
  • 21700
  • 26650

With separate batteries it is usually more convenient to charge them with a separate charger. For example, you can keep spare batteries ready while you're steaming. For external chargers including the D4 Digicharger and the Nitecore D2 a switch is present to set the charger to 0.5 Amp and 1.0 Amp. Make sure again that the output of the charger is not higher than the capacity of the battery.

Tip: Slow charging is better for the life of the battery. So it is also best to charge batteries with a higher capacity with a lower amp setting.

Working with multiple batteries

There are mods that work with multiple batteries at the same time. If the voltage per battery is not the same, the mod will no longer work. You will then see error messages appearing in the display such as "battery imbalance" or "check battery". It is advisable to charge these batteries via an external charger for mods with multiple batteries. This way you can charge them equally so that there is no imbalance between the batteries themselves. This is called "paired batteries" or "paired batteries". If you use multiple sets of batteries, you can mark them per set with a pen or stickers.

Capacity of the battery

We know the indication in Ampère or Milliampère of various devices. With Ohm's law you can calculate the minimum capacity yourself. This is expressed in Voltage = Resistance x Ampère (U = R x l). If you want to steam with 0.5 Ohm with a battery that supplies 4.2 V, you get 4.2: 0.5 = 8.5 Amps.

Tip: With the Steam Engine calculator you can quickly calculate the correct values. You can enter the resistance of the coil and the wattage that you want to use, the Steam Engine calculator then indicates what the minimum Ampère value of the battery should be. A higher value means a longer battery life.

How do you transport batteries?

When you go out, it is handy to take extra batteries with you, so you don't have to connect the e-cigarette to the charger when the battery is empty. Make sure you do not carry these batteries separately in your jacket or trouser pocket. The contacts can cause a short circuit, dust and other contamination can also get on the contact points. Sharp objects can even damage the jacket. If you want to take loose batteries with you, you can use a case for that. You can take a standard case or box, there are also special battery holders available.

Tips for responsible battery use

It is very important to take good care of the batteries. Not only do they last much longer, you also prevent potentially dangerous situations. Here are 11 tips for responsible battery use with electric cigarettes:

  • When a charger is supplied with the e-cigarette, it must also be used. These components are optimally matched.
  • If no charger is supplied, it is possible that the brand does offer a separate charger. Look on the website of the brand, or in the webshop of the supplier to see if a separate battery charger is available.
  • In addition to the official charger, universal chargers from other brands are often also available. Note the reliability of the brand and product, popular products are often also counterfeits in the trade. If the price is remarkably cheap, you have to be suspicious.
  • Batteries should never be carried separately in your pants, jacket or bag. This also applies to the glove box or at home in the drawer of a cupboard.
  • Small metal objects in particular, such as paper clips, aluminum foil and coins, can cause a short circuit in the battery and irreparably damage it.
  • Use a separate case or box, this can be a standard product, or a case that is specially made for e-cigarette batteries. In any case, make sure that the batteries do not move loose so that the contact points can touch each other.
  • Batteries must not be exposed to water and a humid environment. If you notice rust spots you must replace these batteries immediately.
  • In addition to moisture, pay attention to heat. Batteries must not get too hot, especially in the glove box of the car the temperatures can rise.
  • It goes without saying that you should always keep batteries out of the reach of small children. In addition to the risk of leakage, it can also cause a choking hazard.
  • Check the wrap around the battery regularly. If you notice cracks or other damage here, you must immediately stop using these batteries.
  • Always return old batteries to a collection point for safe and responsible processing of these products.

By taking good care of the batteries you can enjoy it much longer, and the vapor experience will always be optimal.