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Use mod and boxmod with e-cigarette

Use mod and boxmod with e-cigarette

A cigarette is a very simple object; a portion of tobacco in a sheet of blotting paper with possibly a filter on the front. Many e-cigarettes are based on this simple but effective design. But if you want more options while vaping, a mod and boxmod system will give you more options. On the other hand, these e-cigarettes are technically more complicated.

MOD and Boxmod

Note: We do not give purchase advice on this page, we only offer information about electric smoking.

What does a mod and boxmod do?

MOD stands for "module", it is an e-cigarette that has a modular structure. You can vary in the amount of vapor and the temperature for a personalized experience. You can also describe MOD as "modification", because you can adjust or modify the holder in various ways.

Difference between mod and boxmod

An electric cigarette of the mod type still resembles a traditional cigarette. It is a cylindrical tube where the electronics are mounted in and on. A boxmod is more like a classic Zippo petrol lighter, it is a "box" that is equipped with a nozzle to suck. It is mainly a question of preference and technical specifications that will determine which type is most suitable for you. Vapers who switch from smoking often choose the familiar model, new vapers without a history of smoking find boxmods often interesting precisely because they are different.

For whom are mods and boxmods suitable?

If you simply want to vaporize without thinking, a standard e-cigarette is probably more your thing. When you want to experiment to create a vapor experience that completely fits your preferences, mods and boxmodels offer you all the possibilities for a unique experience.


With a mod and boxmod electric cigarette you can vaporize your way, you have to do a little more effort.