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Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape

Although the name Vampire Vape seems a bit scary, it is not so bad in practice. This British manufacturer of e-liquids and accessories has consciously opted for a playful approach, including a logo with a vampire. Things are not so cheerful in the factory, there it is simply serious business to produce Vampire Vape Aromas according to the strictest standards. With its many flavors, dampers can compose aromas themselves, or keep it simple and mix your own "Heisenberg" or "Pinkman". On this page we explain how you can use Vampire Vape Aromas and which flavors are available.

From aroma to e-liquid

An e-liquid consists of a liquid, an aroma and optionally also nicotine. That fluid usually consists of a combination of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. We call this the base, you can also order this base fluid separately. In itself there is not much taste, it comes from the aroma that is added. This also applies to nicotine, which can be added to the liquid with a nicotine booster. When you have made a good mix, the e-liquid will have to "mature" for a few more days to generate the maximum taste.

Vampire Vape Aromas

Before mixing, you must bear in mind that in addition to taste, the Vampire Vape Aromas also consist of PG liquid to dissolve the aroma. With the mixing ratio you have to calculate well to achieve the desired result. These products are not suitable for direct steaming. The brand uses cryptic names that do not immediately reveal the taste. Think of Heisenberg, named after the character from the television series "Breaking Bad" because of the blue color. "Blood Sukka" is naturally blood red in color with the taste of forest fruits, eucalyptus, anise and menthol. Always pay close attention to the description of the products and do not just look at the bright colors.


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