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Vape shops in English hospitals to help smokers quit

Hospitals sell e-cigarettes and e-liquidsA tobacco shop in the hospital, that would of course be very strange. Apparently an e-cigarette shop is possible. ECigWizard, in collaboration with the UK health service, has opened multiple locations of their Vape Shop chain in hospitals. All kinds of attractive flavors such as “strawberry seduction” and “brain freeze” are offered here, with the aim of persuading both patients and hospital staff to quit smoking.

95% safer

The slogans “95% safer” and “here to help you” feature in the vapor shop of Birmingham City Hospital. It is not an April 1 joke, you can really buy all kinds of e-cigarettes and e-liquids in the hospital. The management has banned cigarettes for staff from the entire site, also secretly lighting a cigarette in the car in the parking lot is "off limits". In order to get that daily dose of nicotine, an alternative has been chosen. Not healthy, but less unhealthy, that is the motto of both Public Health England and the Dutch RIVM.

On the way to stop

It is emphasized that e-cigarettes as an aid in quitting smoking should be temporary. It is not the intention to permanently switch to vaping, but to use this as a method to get rid of nicotine addiction. It is especially this role that the e-cigarette can play in smoking cessation in which the British experts deviate from their Dutch colleagues. In the Netherlands they prefer to see people quit smoking without the e-cigarette as an intermediate station, in England they find 95% safer a better alternative than continuing to smoke. Hence the presence of Vape Shops in hospitals, supported by the government.

Non-smoking Great Britain

In England, smoking is considered a life-threatening habit that not only costs many lives every year, but also puts pressure on the health care system. By promoting e-cigarettes as an alternative, we are working hard on a smoke-free society, starting in the hospital.