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VapeOnly e-cigarette

VapeOnly is a brand that has been selling electric cigarettes since 2011. If you believe that the design of the products looks a lot like Aspire e-cigarettes, that is not a question of a good-looking copy, the VapeOnly e-cigarette comes from the same factory where Aspire is also made. The price may differ, this is a result of distribution and possibly also quality control.

VapeOnly or still Aspire?

The electric cigarette brand Aspire is well known in the vaping world, VapeOnly less. Yet it concerns the same quality products with a different print. You can take this quite literally, suppliers cannot always guarantee which brand is printed on the product when sending new stock. It is therefore not a copy of inferior quality, but an equivalent product with a different name on the packaging. This is not surprising in technological products, of course both brands comply with European legislation that is just as strict for a VapeOnly e-cigarette.

Eigate electric cigarette

The VapeOnly e-cigarette is made at the Eigate factory. This is where the original Aspire BDC product line comes from. These types of factories supply so-called OEM products for different brands, also the Viva Nova from Vision comes from the same factory. For VapeOnly, for example, they make the ET-S. In addition to Ego models, electric pipe models are also sold, and you can also order coils from this brand. View all products in the webshop for a complete overview.

Better quality than Aspire?

There are rumors that the VapeOnly e-cigarette is of a higher quality than a comparable Aspire product because they would perform better quality control, but this has not been conclusively proven. That can explain the usually slightly higher price. Naturally, all brands and products are delivered with corresponding warranty conditions, as legally stipulated when you order e-cigarettes and accessories in the Netherlands.

Brand: VapeOnly Model: VAPEONLY VPIPE 3 E-PIPE 18350 - 1300MAH STARTSET
  Productgegevens  De VapeOnly vPipe 3, gemaakt van rozenhout (palissander, beschikt over een 1.2ml BVC clearomizer met 0.7 ohm coil.  De body van de vPipe  beschikt over een LED lampje wat knippert van beneden naar boven tijdens gebruik. De opgenomen BVC tank heeft een 1.2ml tankinhoud e..
€ 94.50 Ex Tax:€ 78.10
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