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VapeOnly Coils

VapeOnly Coils

The VapeOnly brand has been around since 2013, and has since developed a good number of products as an alternative to traditional smoking. The starting point is to help tar and soot users get rid of it, while it should of course not be forgotten that e-liquids that contain nicotine still have an addictive effect. In addition to the traditional smoker, this brand certainly focuses on a new generation of damper, with innovative models that no longer resemble the cigarette of the past. With such a diverse range you have to take into account that different VapeOnly coils are sold that do not work on every device. View the range on this page, or contact our service center.

Product range

Something for everyone, that seems to be the motto of this brand. With a POD system such as the Joya they have come up with a futuristic vision on vapors, the Vigo is a modern damper with a traditional styling. The Smooth is marketed as an all-round starter kit, the Porto looks more like a classic gasoline lighter than a cigarette. The Dwarf kit has a clear name given the compact size, the Arcus and Aura have the well-known pen shape. Yet it is the vPipe that stands out the most, this electronic pipe is designed according to the age-old design with which the device can hardly be distinguished from the original. But then without tar and soot.

VapeOnly coils

Depending on the type of e-cigarette you will also have to order other VapeOnly coils. In addition to the shape, the resistance may also differ. For example, the coil for the vPipe has a resistance of 0.7 Ohm, which means we can speak of a Sub-Ohm damper. That means a fairly large vapor production, in line with the experience that pipe smokers are used to. With a pipe tobacco flavor e-liquid you finish the whole, although it is also possible, for example, to vaporise bubblegum flavor. Pay particular attention to the correct PG / VG ratio, standard MTL liquids are not suitable for a DTL damper such as the vPipe.

Brand: VapeOnly Model: VapeOnly Luft Coil 0.33 Ohm
VapeOnly Luft Coil 0.33 Ohm ..
€ 9.95 Ex Tax:€ 8.22
Brand: VapeOnly Model: VapeOnly Luft Coil 0.5 Ohm
VapeOnly Luft Coil 0.5 Ohm ..
€ 9.95 Ex Tax:€ 8.22
Productgegevens  0.7Ohm VapeOnly vAir-P BVC coil. Deze is ontworpen voor vPipe 3 clearomizer en kan gebruikt worden in vPipe III kit en Zen Pipe kit.  Per 5 stuks verpakt.  ..
€ 13.95 Ex Tax:€ 11.53
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