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Vaping, e-smoking and regular smoking

What is the difference?

Is that cloud that you blow out after taking a draft of the e-cigarette smoke or not? What does "vaping" actually mean? We explain the terms vapinge-smoking and smoking on this page in short, it is simpler than you may think!


Vapen is the new smoking ... or is it not?

An old-fashioned cigarette with tobacco works on the basis of burning, and smoke is released. An e-cigarette works on the basis of evaporation, vapor is released. Smoke and vapor is not the same; smoke comes from a fireplace, vapor comes from the kettle on the gas stove. Both are a result of heating, but the result is very different.

Vapor and vaping

The term "vaping" came from the noun "vapour" when people made a verb of it. So you can say that you vaporize or vape with an e-cigarette, but it is not the same as smoking. The effect can be the same if you use e-liquid with nicotine, but without the harmful effects of tar and soot in your lungs.

There will be many former cigarettes smokers who always use the word "smoking", even with an e-cigarette. But you are actually vaping or e-smoking.