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Vaporesso Pyrex Glasses

Vaporesso Pyrex Glasses

The Vaporesso brand makes kit, tanks, mods and coils to vaporize with. The e-cigarettes of this brand vary in both design and application. When these products are used intensively, various parts will have to be replaced over time. Think for example of the coils, the mouthpiece, the battery and sometimes also the Vaporesso Pyrex glasses. Although the glass is durable and heat-resistant, wear and tear or damage can nevertheless occur. In that case, it is usually not necessary to replace the entire e-cigarette, but replacing the glass can suffice. This is usually not complicated to do yourself, if you have any further questions about this you should contact the help desk first.

Vaporesso Pyrex glasses

The glass is an important part of the tank. It holds the liquid in place and ensures that the user can always see how much e-liquid is present in the device. It can happen that the glass breaks during transport, that a crack appears or other damage becomes visible. In that case, the glass must be replaced immediately. This is not possible with all e-cigarettes, think of disposable e-cigarettes. When it is possible to replace the Vaporesso Pyrex glasses you have to pay attention to the correct model and type. Although the content will usually be 2ml, the form may differ per product.

Why use Pyrex?

The Pyrex brand has been around for more than a century and is the most famous brand in heat-resistant glass worldwide. By using the right material and on the basis of a special process, a glass is formed that is resistant to extreme heat. This is of course also important for dampers, where the e-liquid is heated and evaporated. The Vaporesso Pyrex glasses are robust and durable, yet it is possible that a glass will wear or get damaged. In that case you only have to replace the glass and not the entire device.

Pyrex glass voor de Vaporesso NRG SE Mini tank. Het glaasje heeft een tankinhoud van 2ml. ..
€ 3.95 Ex Tax:€ 3.26
Brand: Vaporesso Model: Vaporesso SKRR Pyrex Glas 2ml (1 St.)
The Pyrex glass is produced for the Vaporesso SKRR Clearomizer with high quality Pyrex glass. The glass is easy to replace and is recommended to clean with water and paper. The glass has an e-liquid capacity of 2ML. ..
€ 2.95 Ex Tax:€ 2.44
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