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VaporLinQ Goldline E-liquids

The VaporLinQ brand makes various products to vaporize with, such as e-cigarettes and various lines of liquids for different types of damper. The VaporLinQ Goldline E-liquids is a line with a large number of different flavors that are subdivided into different concentrations of nicotine. From the traditional tobacco flavor to sweet fruit aromas.

VaporLinQ Goldline E-liquids

The liquids in this line are made on the basis of a 50% PG and 50% VG mixing ratio. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. With this ratio there is still a noticeable 'throat hit', but less than would be the case with a higher PG content. Although the VaporLinQ Goldline E-liquids are slightly thicker, they are not specifically made for Sub-Ohm dampers, although they can be used for that. Regarding the nicotine content, there is a choice of 0, 6 and 12 mg. At higher concentrations of VG, an 18 mg version is generally not supplied because this can be too strong with larger vapor production.

Tip: Former smokers are advised not to start with a too low nicotine content, because the dependence on this addictive substance is still present in the body. It is better to phase out gradually. New dampers are always recommended to opt for a 0 mg variant.

Aromas of the Goldline

There is a wide selection of aromas in the VaporLinQ Goldline E-liquids. The traditional tobacco flavors are represented such as the Rollin Blend, the Smooth Western or Sweet Tobacco. In addition, there are also plenty of fruit flavors including Apple, Blueberry or Mango. More distinct flavors such as Cola, Lemon Sorbet or Nic Shot are also available. To prevent damper tongue, it is advisable not to exclusively vaporize one flavor. If you notice that the taste experience is diminishing, you can 'reset' the taste buds by steaming Menthol or Ice Mint for a while. Also view the other lines of this brand with a different mixing ratio, depending on the device you use.