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Vaprance Clearomizer

Vaprance Clearomizer

Vaprance is an e-cigarette brand that markets various products for vaporizers. In addition to electronic cigarettes, they also provide e-liquids, and also a Vaprance clearomizer that can be refilled. In addition, the POD system has proved popular with former smokers in particular, who do not smoke as much but want something more than a disposable e-cigarette. You can read on this page how the POD system works and which Vaprance clearomizer you need.

POD system

There are disposable e-cigarettes that you have to replace completely after use, there are also mods where you can replace most parts separately. The POD system lies between these two extremes, and is aimed at the former smoker who does not smoke that much. Think about ten cigarettes a day. It would be a shame if the battery always had to be replaced, the tank, coil and the mouthpiece could also last longer than the e-liquid in the device. You can refill a POD e-cigarette several times, then you can replace the entire POD. The battery is rechargeable and will last much longer.

Vaprance clearomizer

Often a clearomizer means the tank, the term "clear" indeed refers to the transparent part of the tank. In practice we speak of the whole that is not the battery, so the mouthpiece, the tank and the coil. The Vaprance clearomizer is delivered without e-liquid, you can easily top up a POD yourself. When the atomizer or the coil needs to be replaced, the tank and the nozzle will also be replaced because it concerns a whole. For users who are used to smoking a lot, a mod or boxmod will be more suitable, for the casual smoker who prefers not to use disposable cigarettes, PODs offer an interesting alternative.

Brand: Vaprance Model: VAPRANCE FORCE PODS (3PCS)
Vaprance Force Pods zijn verpakt per 3 stuks Vaprance Force Pods weerstand 1.5 OHM Vaprance Force Pods inhoud: 1.5ml ..
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