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Vaprance Coils

Vaprance Coils

The e-cigarette brand Vaprance is in addition to the range of e-liquids also known for their electronic cigarette called Force that works with POD system. This type works with a "top fill" system, which means easy refilling of the tank at the top. After topping up several times, the POD including coil must be replaced. It is in particular the user-friendliness that has made this type of e-cigarette popular with dampers, and in particular with the switchers who have previously smoked cigarettes. On this page you can read more about this system and the Vaprance coils.

POD e-cigarette

There are disposable cigarettes, refillable mod systems and POD cigarettes. The latter category falls a bit between the other two systems. You do not always have to throw away the base station, the system is refillable to a limited extent, but there are also not many complicated operations or setting options. It is not even necessary to press an activation button, the device will start immediately as soon as a puff is taken.

Vaprance coils

There are no separate Vaprance coils available, this POD system works with a replaceable top where the coil is located next to the tank and nozzle. This resistance wire has a resistance of 1.5 Ohm, making this damper suitable for MTL use. That stands for Mouth To Lung, the vapor goes from the mouth to the lungs. The vapor production remains fairly limited, you will not produce large clouds of vapor with it. MTL fumes are most similar to traditional smoking, with the big difference that instead of smoke you breathe in vapor. This means that no soot or tar is released, depending on the e-liquid, nicotine will be present in the liquid. When purchasing e-liquids, pay attention to the composition, the viscosity or how liquid the e-liquid is, this must correspond to the resistance of the coil. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact our service staff first.

Brand: Vaprance Model: VAPRANCE FORCE PODS (3PCS)
Vaprance Force Pods zijn verpakt per 3 stuks Vaprance Force Pods weerstand 1.5 OHM Vaprance Force Pods inhoud: 1.5ml ..
€ 7.95 Ex Tax:€ 6.57
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