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Vaptio Coils

Vaptio Coils

The Vaptio brand is an American producer of electric cigarettes. The company was founded in 2014. Although they design articles themselves such as e-cigarettes and Vaptio coils, they outsource production to a company that has been making vaping products since 2004. The complete range meets all international standards including ISO 9001, CE and HACCP. There are different models on the market such as Sleek kit, the Tyro kit and the Cosmo kit. When purchasing Vaptio coils, make sure that these parts are suitable for your damper. If you have any doubts about this, or if you would like to receive more information about these products, please contact our customer service

The 1 Ohm limit

When e-cigarettes were first introduced, the intention was to approach the experience of smoking as much as possible. Consider the amount of vapor and the method of inhalation. We call this Mouth To Lung or from the mouth to the lungs with the abbreviation MTL. Later the need arose for more vapor and different experiences. We call this Direct To Lung or directly to the lungs with the abbreviation DTL. The turning point of the resistor in the Vaptio coils is around 1 Ohm, which is why we speak of Sub-Ohm fumes at DTL.

Vaptio coils

When purchasing a coil you have to pay attention to the resistance, so the Vivakita Solo has a coil with a resistance of only 0.25 Ohm. This allows you to produce substantial vapor clouds if you use the right e-liquid. So if you buy Vaptio coils with a low resistance that are suitable for your damper, you will also have to use e-liquid that is suitable for Sub-Ohm vapors. The proportion of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) must be at least 50 for DTL vapors. Higher is possible, not lower. The share of PG can be considerably higher with MTL dampers.

Brand: Vaptio Model: VIVAKITA SOLO 2 COILS (5 STUKS)
Productgegevens  Deze vervangbare coils zijn bedoeld voor de Vivakita Solo 2 kit, Vaptio CII startset, Vaptio CII clearomizer, Vaptio PI TF Startset en Vaptio PI TF clearomizer.  Deze coils hebben een weerstand van 0.25 Ohm en is verpakt per 5 stuks. Let op! U ontvangt een doosje coils van ..
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