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Vaptio Pyrex Glasses

Vaptio Pyrex Glasses

Vaptio is a brand of e-cigarettes that supplies a wide range of articles to vaporize with. Think of kits, tanks, mods and accessories for vaping. In addition to the all-in-one devices, there are also other models that are made up of separate parts. Consider the mouthpiece, the tank, atomizer and battery. These parts can be replaced separately, this also applies to the Vaptio Pyrex glasses in a number of cases. Always make sure that the glass fits the type of e-cigarette. If you have any questions about this, you can contact the help desk before placing an order.

Vaptio Pyrex glasses

This brand supplies a large number of models, most of which are built from the standard parts. Because the design as well as the dimensions can differ considerably per product, the tank will not always have the same shape. The content is a maximum of 2 ml in accordance with Dutch legislation. In order to ensure that the dimensions of the Vaptio Pyrex slides are in line with the device, the type designation must always be observed. Also choose official products from a Dutch (web) store, the quality is not guaranteed on products that originate outside the EU.

What is Pyrex glass anyway?

The Pyrex brand has been around for more than a hundred years, they mainly make glass for heat-resistant products such as measuring cups and bowls for use in the kitchen. That actually makes the choice for Vaptio Pyrex glasses obvious, the tank of an electric cigarette is also exposed to very high temperatures.

Why replace the glass?

In principle, it is not necessary to replace Vaptio Pyrex slides often. Only in the event of wear, cracks, cracks or breakage should you immediately stop using the device and purchase a replacement glass. In the event of discolouration and the use of highly aromatic e-liquids, the taste and / or odor may linger. If you regularly change e-liquid, this can be seen. In that case, separate Vaptio Pyrex glasses offer a solution.

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