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VG E-liquid versus PG mix

VG E-liquid versus PG mix


Standard e-liquid is made with a mix of PG / VG liquids, you can also opt for pure VG e-liquid. Depending on the electric cigarette and the preference of the user, an alternative e-liquid can be better than the standard liquids. We place VG E-liquid versus PG mix and view the advantages and possible disadvantages per type.

Note: On this page only information is given about VG E-liquid versus PG mix, we do not express any preference and do not give purchase advice.

VG E-liquid versus PG mix

What types of e-liquid are there?

Most e-liquids that are available are classified as a PG / VG mix, but what do these abbreviations really mean?

PG is shorthand for propylene glycol.
VG is shorthand for Vegetarian Glycerin.

These two basic ingredients are combined in various ratios with values ​​such as 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30. This affects the viscosity (thickness) of the liquid and the taste experience.

Allergies and preferences

It is possible that you have an allergy to propylene glycol, so you can suffer from dry skin, dry mouth or throat with a PG mix and in extreme cases even rash. In this case, a liquid with only Vegetarian Glycerin is recommended. In addition, there are also people who do not specifically have an allergy to Propylene glycol but prefer to choose pure VG.

Quality of the clearomizer and coil

A disadvantage of VG e-liquid was the viscosity of the liquid for a long time. It was so thick that many clearomizers and especially the coil could not get along with pure VG. Now there are thinner VG e-liquids available, the quality of coils has also improved. If you are not sure whether your e-cigarette also works with VG E-liquid versus PG mix, it is best to first contact the supplier.

Both VG E-liquid and PG mix are available in many flavors, it is also possible to order a base liquid that you bring to the desired taste.