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Vgod Clearomizer

Vgod Clearomizer

The VGOD brand makes mods and parts for serious vapers who want to keep total control over the vapor experience. This is possible with RBAs, RDAs and RTAs. You can read about these abbreviations on this page, in addition we also advise which VGOD clearomizer is suitable for your system. If you have any more technical questions, feel free to ask our specialists.

VGOD clearomizer

Although there are plenty of atomizers available, there is still a need for clearomizers that make it possible to use self-built coils. A VGOD clearomizer is very suitable for this target group. RBA stands for ReBuildable Atomizer, a coil that you can build yourself. A distinction can be made between RDA and RTA:

  • RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer, a drop system.
  • RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, a tank system.

Both systems are therefore refillable, with the choice of dripping or filling a reservoir. There are some VGOD clearomizers for sale that let you use your self-built coils:

  • The Elite RDA is equipped with a 2ml tank and a 510 connection that is gold-plated. A multi-tool is supplied as standard as well as a reverse O-ring made of rubber.
  • The Pro Drip RDA is made of stainless steel and offers direct air flow for a powerful aroma. This type is also equipped with a standard 510 connection.

DIY construction coils require a certain knowledge of electronics, always get started well prepared. In the event of unauthorized use, standard warranty conditions will not apply. Also take into account the correct ratio Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin when vaping, the viscosity must match the resistance of the atomizer.

VGOD Elite RDA heeft een diameter van 24 millimeter met een dubbel post ontwerp en een 2ml-ruimte per post. De vingermoer is compatibel met zowel Philips of platte schroevendraaiers. De 9.25mm diepe bron van de Elite RDA verschaft een 2ml liquidopslag. Met bodem airflow en vergulde 510 pin.  Verk..
€ 52.50 Ex Tax:€ 43.39
Deze VGOD DRIP RDA rebuildable clearomizer met diameter van 24mm en is gemaakt van roestvrijstaal. De directe airflow met dubble bodem luchtstroom zorgt ervoor dat de smaak van de liquid beter naar voren komt. De aansluiting is vrij standaard 510. Deze RDA is goed te combineren met de VGOD Pro Me..
€ 39.95 Ex Tax:€ 33.02
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