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VGOD Coils

VGOD Coils

VGOD coils

VGOD is a relatively new player in the field of mods and boxmods. These products are in the higher segment. The prices are somewhat higher than average, so they are dampers that are aimed at the more experienced user. Not that the use is complicated, on the contrary, but the construction and the way in which you can steam with these devices is quite far away from traditional smoking. This also applies to the VGOD coils that are relatively expensive compared to coils from other manufacturers. On the other hand, high-quality materials are used, and you can steam on low resistances. Let us briefly discuss two popular VGOD coils; the Elite RDA and the Pro Drip RDA.

Elite RDA

These VGOD coils have a height of 33 mm and a diameter of 24 mm on the outside. The coil is equipped with a standard 510 connection. There is a double tank with a capacity of 2 ml per tank. With a flat screwdriver or a Philips model you can easily screw this part apart. In addition to reversed rubber O-rings, a multi-tool is also supplied as standard.

Pro Drip RDA

These VGOD coils have a diameter of 24 mm, they are made of stainless steel. The model is designed in such a way that there is a direct air flow with a double bottom. This ensures better transport of the taste. This part also has a 510 connection. You can use this coil with the Pro Mech MOD. In addition to the coil, extra screws and extra O-rings are also included.

For the advanced user

You can buy disposable e-cigarettes for a few euros. Not expensive, easy to use without fuss. VGOD serves a different target group, the more experienced damper who likes to keep total control over the equipment in addition to the e-liquid. If you belong to that group these products can be very interesting, if you would like some extra information about the articles on this page or other products you can always contact us without obligation.

VGOD Elite RDA heeft een diameter van 24 millimeter met een dubbel post ontwerp en een 2ml-ruimte per post. De vingermoer is compatibel met zowel Philips of platte schroevendraaiers. De 9.25mm diepe bron van de Elite RDA verschaft een 2ml liquidopslag. Met bodem airflow en vergulde 510 pin.  Verk..
€ 52.50 Ex Tax:€ 43.39
Deze VGOD DRIP RDA rebuildable clearomizer met diameter van 24mm en is gemaakt van roestvrijstaal. De directe airflow met dubble bodem luchtstroom zorgt ervoor dat de smaak van de liquid beter naar voren komt. De aansluiting is vrij standaard 510. Deze RDA is goed te combineren met de VGOD Pro Me..
€ 39.95 Ex Tax:€ 33.02
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