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Vie e-cigarette

Vie is a brand that makes herb vaporizers, a kind of electric cigarette with which you can heat various herbs and also tobacco. The Vie e-cigarette is a compact box with a loading chamber that the user can fill with any desired solid, or use the supplied capsules. With that you can quickly change tastes.

Vie make life more pleasant

"Vie" is the French word for life. Nobody knows how long a life lasts, it is well known that the tar and soot that result from tobacco burning do not exactly increase the average age. The Vie e-cigarette works just like other evaporators based on temperature. You set one of the three preferred temperatures and you feel the vapor. At the lower temperature setting you will experience a soft, thin vapor while the higher temperature setting produces a smoky aroma and a large, thick cloud. But in no case will there be a case of burning, so you will not get any tar or soot in your lungs either.

Vie e-cigarette for stoners

Most electric cigarettes are aimed primarily at former smokers who would like to switch to a less harmful alternative. In the Vie e-cigarette, not the well-known e-liquids are used, but solids. This can be standard tobacco, it is also possible to heat other substances. This damper is particularly aimed at people who smoke cannabis, weed can also be used in this device. Although you can also use weed with other dampers, you will first have to buy or make an e-liquid with THC and / or CBD. With the Vie e-cigarette this process is skipped and you immediately work with solids.

No burning, but addiction?

The Vie e-cigarette prevents you from inhaling the harmful substances that occur during incineration, addictive substances such as nicotine will still be present. In contrast to e-liquid, the concentration can be determined less precisely. This product is therefore less suitable for ex-smokers who want to switch, but perhaps an option for users of drugs.

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