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Watt? The power of an e-cigarette

In the past loudspeakers had to have more Watts, because then they sound better anyway? That the amplifier was much lighter than the speakers was forgotten. And there were many more factors than just the wattage, that same story repeats itself with the Advanced Personal Vaporizers or the e-cigarettes for advanced users. Is the power of an e-cigarette actually important? And what benefit does more Watt yield?

Please note: The information on the ability of e-cigarettes is only intended as an illustration, it is not a purchase recommendation for specific products.

How many Watts is normal with the power of an e-cigarette?

There was a time when 10 Watt was the norm for electric cigarettes, then that was doubled, and doubled again. Now we are three-digit numbers and the end does not seem to be in sight yet. In particular the boxmods and special models compete on the Wattage.

Why more or less Watt?

With a resistance lower than 1 Ohm you can 'Sub-Ohmen'. That is a way of fumes where large vapor clouds with a higher temperature are released. By 'squeezing' these coils with a higher wattage, the vapor becomes larger and hotter. This is important when you use a DTL (Direct To Lung) way of fumes. For MTL (Mouth To Lung) the coil has a resistance higher than 1 Ohm, based on a lower wattage.

How much Watt is enough?

For the vast majority of vapors, the power of an e-cigarette at about 10 watts is more than sufficient. If you want sub-Ohmen you might be able to use something more, but 100 Watt or higher is interesting for only a very limited target group. More power is certainly not necessarily better, because you will have to pay close attention to the quality of the coils, the evaporator and of course the battery.

A high power of an e-cigarette is only interesting for serious vapers who have sufficient technical knowledge to make safe use of this.