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What are cartridge e-cigarettes?

What are cartridge e-cigarettes?

There are different types of electric cigarettes on the market where cartridge e-cigarettes resemble the familiar cigarette with tobacco. Are these products better than the alternatives, worse or just different? We compare them with tobacco smoking, the refillable e-cigarette and the POD e-cigarette.

Are cartridge e-cigarettes better than ...

Tobacco smoking: With electric cigarettes, vapor is released, no smoke. This means that soot and other carcinogenic substances are not inhaled. However, vapors do not affect nicotine addiction.
Refillable e-cigarette: These electric cigarettes are often a bit bigger and you have to do more. You do have more options as a user.
POD e-cigarette: This is a kind of hybrid system where you can refill a cartridge several times before it has to be replaced. They are also compact in shape. This can be a good intermediate solution.

Does healthy smoking exist?

Cartridge e-cigarettes are mainly made for experienced smokers who are looking for an alternative to tobacco smoking. It can help with a nicotine addiction (decrease), but be careful not to start new addiction! No type of electric cigarette is healthy because it does not have a healing effect, it does offer less health risk than traditional tobacco-based cigarettes.