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What are e mods and are they better than other vapers?

"Mod" stands for modification or adjustment. With e mods we mean electronic cigarettes with interchangeable parts that you can modify to achieve the desired effect. Are these types of dampers better than standard MTL products that you can buy everywhere, or are they not worth it? Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of e mods.

More options with e mods

It sounds very attractive to have more options. Until you stand at the supermarket near the cooling and have to choose between full-fat yogurt, semi-skimmed and low-fat yogurt, vanilla yogurt or yogurt with left or right-turning lactic acids. More is not always better ... With e mods you can accurately adjust the vapor experience to your preferences. You can control the temperature and set the resistance. You can place a battery with a higher capacity in it, or a coil with a special winding. But is this always better?

Want to vaporise quickly or optimally?

There are smokers who roll cigarettes themselves because they can influence the smoking experience. E mods are the same in that respect, you can adjust the experience. That means a little more work before you have found the optimal conditions. And not everyone wants to. Starting dampers are often better off starting with a simple MTL system, with the main "modification" being the type of liquid. When you have the time and the need, you can switch to e mods.

Mod or boxmod?

A standard mod still looks like a cigarette, with an elongated shape. A boxmod looks more like a box, bottle or even an mp3 player. They are complex pieces of technology that often no longer fit conveniently into a chest or trouser pocket. Nice for at home, but perhaps less useful during work. There are also more "elegant" boxmods, take a look at the range at your leisure. In any case, there is a lot of difference between a basic mod and the advanced e mods.

Everyone is unique, so there are e mods that you can fully adjust to your personal preferences. Be prepared that you have to spend a little more time on it.