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What does MTL vaping mean?

What does MTL vaping mean?

Although there is a new generation of vapers that have never used a cigarette, the e-cigarette was originally developed as an alternative to traditional smoking. To simulate the same experience, there is a need among former smokers for the sensation of vapor that goes from the mouth to the lungs. This is what we call MTL vaping.

MTL vaping

Mouth To Long

Mouth To Long, which is MTL in full. An important part of the vaporizing is determined by the coil in the e-cigarette. At a resistance higher than 1 Ohm we speak of MTL vapers, with sub-Ohm e-cigarettes the number of watts is higher which gives a different experience. There are electric cigarettes available that are suitable for coils with a different resistance.

For whom is MTL vapors suitable?

MTL e-cigarettes are suitable for former smokers who want to switch to an alternative without burning tobacco. Newcomers can opt for the same products or buy a DL or Direct Lung electric cigarette. This e-cigarette works more like a water pipe. Most electric cigarettes are of the Mouth To Lung type, because the largest target group consists of former smokers who switch to an electric alternative.

Remember; With MTL vapors you need an electric cigarette with a coil that offers at least 1 Ohm resistance.