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What inexperienced vapers need to know about electric smoking

What inexperienced vapers need to know about electric smoking

There are so many brands and models of e-cigarettes that for inexperienced vapers it can be very complicated to order the right product. And e-cigarette web shops are bound by strict rules when providing information. How do you get good information? Here are our tips for inexperienced vapers!


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What are inexperienced vapers?

These are people who A: are used to smoking cigarettes and want to make the switch to e-cigarettes or B: people who have never touched a cigarette but still find vaping interesting. Both categories often face the same questions, although they usually look for other solutions. Experienced smokers usually look for a less harmful alternative, inexperienced mothers without experience with smoking often want to try out various flavours.

Learn more about electric smoking

Web shops may not provide more information than is strictly necessary, so only technical specifications without recommendations. That can be quite difficult for inexperienced vapers who want to be helped a little way on their way. Therefore, ask users in your environment what they think is good or not good, and look at forums for vapers. There are plenty of communities online that can help you on your way.

Do not just start smoking electrically, find information first and make your informed decision.