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What is a damper tongue and how do you get rid of it?

Tastes differ, that is known. But that your own taste can also change quickly is something that not everyone comes to mind. With electrical cigarettes we call this phenomenon a 'damper tongue'. You dampen your familiar e-liquid but you actually do not taste anything anymore. How does a damper tongue develop and also important? how do you get rid of this?

Note: On this page we explain the cause and effect of damper tongue, it is not intended as a recommendation for specific brands of e-cigarettes or e-liquid.

Do you have a damper tongue?

If you have been using e-cigarettes for some time, and usually your favorite type of e-liquid vapor, it is possible that the taste decreases to your liking. You can then try higher concentrations of aroma, but that only has a temporary effect. Although this phenomenon is known as 'damper tongue' or 'vaper's tongue', it is not specifically a result of vapors.

How does 'vaper's tongue' originate?

Your tongue is full of taste buds, these receptors respond to tastes. When you always taste the same taste, your brain will increasingly block this taste. The same signal becomes noise, so it does not matter. This applies to all tastes including sugar and salt. If you always consume the same taste, the perception of it becomes less and less. And with fumes you always taste the same taste.

That's how you get off!

So a 'damper tongue' is certainly not unique to e-cigarettes, nor is it a harmful effect of vapors. Your taste buds are not damaged, you can simply 'reset' them. Not by increasing the concentration, but by temporarily switching to a different taste. The same e-liquid in another type of e-cigarette can already make a difference. When your taste buds have returned to their neutral position, you can enjoy your favorite e-liquid again.

Damper tongue is not harmful, and the process can easily be reversed by varying with e-liquids.