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What is a mod? E-cigarettes evolved!

Mod is an abbreviation for "modification". It is a term that has been used with electric cigarettes for a long time. They used to be simple adjustments, now they are the most modern vaporizers that no longer resemble a traditional cigarette. On this page we explain what a mod is, and which modifications you can make yourself.

Note: We explain on this page what box mods are and how they work. We do not recommend purchasing specific brands or models.

What are box mods?

A standard e-cigarette is similar to a normal cigarette in appearance and use, it is an electronic way to get as close as possible to the smoking experience without burning. Box mods are in fact complex batteries with all sorts of setting options to adjust vapors down to the smallest details. Mods still look a bit like cigarettes, box mods are boxes that often have a digital display and no longer resemble a cigarette.

Select battery type

The battery forms the core of a box mod, there is a choice between a fixed, internal battery or an exchangeable battery. With a fixed battery, the capacity is adjusted to the device, with a removable battery you have more control over the capacity and operation.

Why choose a fixed battery?

When a fixed battery is installed, the housing will usually be a bit smaller in size. There are very compact box mods that you can easily put in your pocket or in a handbag.

Why choose a removable battery?

If you can install and change a battery yourself, the biggest advantage is that you can replace the battery when it no longer functions properly. Even with a separate charger it is easy and quick to replace the battery. The housing will normally be somewhat larger in size.

Battery capacity

The capacity of the battery is expressed in milliamps (mAH). A higher number of milliamps means a longer period of use and a higher capacity. The duration of vapors on one battery charge depends on the type of use, more milliamps means more vapors before you have to charge again. If you use a box mod with a high wattage, you will also need a larger battery or even several batteries. Otherwise, you are loading more often than the fumes.

Wattage of the mod

An important reason for choosing a box mod is the option to set the wattage yourself. There are mods that can exceed 100 or even 200 watts. This is also related to the coils and the evaporators. A simple e-cigarette may only deliver between 10 and 15 watts. If you have a box mod with a maximum wattage of 100 Watt, you can still use 25 Watt fumes. It is a maximum value, there is in principle no minimum. But when you exclusively steam at a low wattage you don't have to buy a box mod with a very high wattage. It also depends on the application that you want to use at a given time.

When the wattage goes up, that means more current being driven through the coil. The coil gets warmer, which results in a higher vapor production. Note, because it is possible to make a coil too hot, resulting in burning of the coil. A higher wattage naturally also means that the battery will be discharged faster. With a lower wattage, less current will flow through the coil, so that the temperature remains somewhat lower. There will be a specific wattage for everyone that perfectly meets the needs.

Set the temperature

For dampers and switchers who like to keep it simple, setting the temperature may not be that relevant, all the more for the box mod enthusiast. You can actually assume that box mods have a temperature control. That does not mean that all coils are also suitable for this, so you can only use kanthal coils on wattage. When you use coils that are suitable for variable temperature, you have much more control over the vapor experience.

Box mod advantages and disadvantages

It is certainly not the case that every damper will automatically opt for mods. Just as there are people who prefer to drive with an automatic clutch than with a manual clutch, there are also people who are better off choosing a standard e-cigarette than a mod. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages:

Box mod benefits

  • Many manual setting options such as the wattage and voltage.
  • You can vapors based on temperature setting.
  • The battery capacity is higher or can be expanded.
  • A large selection of clearomizers is available.
  • Sub-Ohm fumes are possible.
  • You can experiment safely with security.
  • Box mod cons
  • The format is larger than the e-cigarettes with traditional cigarette shape.
  • You will have more work to find the optimal settings.
  • It takes longer to charge the large capacity battery.
  • There is no Ego connection.

5 tips for batteries

Here are some useful tips for using batteries:

  • Use the supplied battery charger.
  • Store loose batteries safely to prevent overheating or short-circuiting.
  • Do not allow children and pets to come close to batteries.
  • Avoid moisture with the batteries.
  • Do not allow the batteries to become hot, for example in the glove box or in the bright sun.

For more information about box mods you can contact the supplier.