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What is a Shake ‘n Vape?

An enormous amount of e-liquids for e-cigarettes are already available, but for some enthusiasts it is never enough. With Shake ‘n Vape, a special product has appeared on the market, which mixers can use to advance under the dampers. Shake 'n Vapes are concentrates that you cannot use directly in the electric cigarette. You can read on this page how this system works and what you should pay attention to.

Note: This page is not intended as a promotion for smoking products or products to be vaporized with. It is purely for information about the Shake ‘n Vape system.

What are Shake ‘n Vapes?

A Shake ‘n Vape is a concentrate, a liquid that still needs to be diluted with another liquid. By mixing these concentrates with a base you get an e-liquid that is suitable for an e-cigarette.

Strong stuff

Make sure that you do not accidentally put the Shake 'n Vape liquid directly into your electric cigarette, as the concentration is much too high for that. There is a large dose of aroma in these products that have been specially formulated to be diluted with a base e-liquid before use. It is in fact only a strong aroma, there is no nicotine in Shake 'n Vapes.

With or without nicotine

You can choose to add nicotine to the Shake ‘n Vapes. When you have a bottle of 60 ml it will be filled to 50 ml with the concentrate. You can then add a booster with nicotine. Mixing reduces the concentration of nicotine in the e-liquid. That way you can compile exactly the desired ratio. It is also possible to add boosters without nicotine.

Shake 'n Vapes usually have a high VG share, check whether your e-cigarette is suitable for this before use.