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What is electric smoking?

What is electric smoking?

Electric smoking is a term that you often hear but is actually not correct. Because, in contrast to a normal cigarette, there is no smoke but vapor. You can read how electric smoking works on this page.

Electric smoking is not smoking

Where there is smoke, there is fire, according to the saying. With electric smoking there is no fire and therefore no smoke. Although it is often called "smoking," it is actually evaporating a liquid that we usually call "e-liquid." An e-cigarette can be "fumes" or "vapen", but for the sake of simplicity we often still use the term "smoking".

Is vaping healthy?

You can not say that electric smoking is healthy. It is a fact that due to the lack of combustion also no tar and carbon monoxide is released. But of course it is not healthier than not smoking at all. You can limit the intake of addictive nicotine, it can calm down and there are former smokers who want to keep their weight under control by fumes. Because you will get fewer calories with an e-cigarette than smoking food or candy in your mouth.

Actually, electric smoking does not exist at all, and if you see smoke you have to stop immediately and look up your guarantee certificate. Then something is wrong with your e-cigarette!