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What is sub-Ohm vaping?

What is sub-Ohm vaping?


If you are a bit familiar with electric fumes, you may have heard the term "sub-Ohm fumes" or "sub-Ohm". When choosing a new e-cigarette you will also see a subdivision in the webshop between standard e-cigarettes and sub-ohm mods. But what is it and why would you opt for this instead of normal electric smoking? On this page we explain exactly what sub-Ohm fumes means, and what makes it so special.


Note: This page is only intended to provide information about sub-Ohm fumes, it is not a promotion for specific products or electric smoking in general.


Why start with sub-Ohm vaping?

Certainly when you switch from cigarettes to e-smoking you will normally opt for a "normal" e-cigarette, which in appearance and use corresponds to what you are used to. With sub-Ohmen you have to use a different way of breathing, more e-liquid is used and the battery also lasts less. That doesn't really sound like an improvement. Yet there are many users who swear by this method and the associated equipment. The taste is significantly different, and the vapor from the device is warmer. Those are the main two differences, and for many the benefits too. But let's start from the beginning ...


Vaping with less than 1 ohm resistance

To make e-liquid vapor heat is needed, this is possible by turning the coil on and heating it. A coil has a resistance, with standard coils that resistance is significantly higher than 1 Ohm. With sub-Ohm vapors, the resistance is considerably lower than 1 Ohm, resulting in a larger vapor production with a higher temperature. Those big clouds of vapor will make the experience very different.


Consequences for the e-liquid

Not only is more vapor released which can be seen in large clouds from the e-cigarette, your body also absorbs nicotine faster. This makes sub-Ohmen not a way to get your nicotine fix quickly, vaporisers opt for a much lower nicotine level in the liquid so as not to inhale too much nicotine. The values ​​range from 0 mg to 6 mg, more nicotine is not recommended with this method.


The lower resistance in the coil ensures more evaporation of the e-liquid. That means topping up more often. If you go out, it is advisable to bring extra liquid, otherwise the tank may be empty before the day is over. The composition of e-liquids for sub-Ohm vapors also differs from other models. The main components of e-liquid are PG and VG, with sub-Ohmen you have to choose a higher VG content to produce large vapors.


Airflow with sub-Ohm fumes

The air flow can vary considerably per e-cigarette. With sub-ohms the air can be easily sucked through the device, it is a very open system. This is important, primarily because the vapor can become very hot. With a larger airflow the vapor can cool down a bit. The higher throughput of air also means a production of larger vapor clouds. More e-liquid is evaporated per stroke, you will inhale this vapor and that is made possible by the large supply of air through the system.


Abnormal breathing in sub-Ohming

For cigarettes and standard e-cigarettes you will use the MTL or Mouth To Lung method. You inhale the vapor to the mouth, you hold the vapor in the mouth for a moment and then breathe it through to the lungs. The MTL method fits perfectly with coils with a high resistance and a limited air supply. With sub-Ohmen you will inhale the vapor directly to the lungs, the Mouth To Lung principle is actually no longer possible. This method is called Direct Lung, often indicated with the abbreviation DL. The vapor cloud that you will exhale is also considerably larger than with MTL vapors. When you are used to the Mouth To Lung method, you will need some practice to learn the Direct Lung technique.


Higher wattage required with sub-Ohm fumes

Because the resistance of the coil is lower, you need more power to produce that large amount of vapor. The need for power varies per device and per person. When evaporating at a resistance of 0.5 Ohm, a wattage of approximately 20 to 30 watts is required. With coils that have an even lower resistance, the ideal power will be even higher.


Temperature Control coils and the correct resistance

If you have a mod with temperature control you will also have to use TC coils. These are not made from the standard kanthal wire, but from Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel. These materials provide low resistance due to the properties in the material. This is a form of sub-Ohm, but it is not the same as sub-Ohm fumes with coils made with kanthal wire.

Finally some tips for sub-Ohm vapers:


  • Ensure that the mod is able to provide the correct resistor for the sub-Ohm clearomizer.
  • When using batteries that can be replaced, choose the "high drain" type.
  • With a mechanical mod you have to measure the battery regularly, be aware of possible short circuits.
  • If you are going to use an RDA, you must measure the resistance of the build before use.
  • Do not use eGo batteries.
  • Because the composition of sub-Ohm e-liquid is different, vapors can have a dehydrating effect. So drink plenty of water before, during and after the vapor.


If you have more questions about sub-Ohm fumes, you can go to your favorite e-cigarettes and accessories outlet.