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What is the best e-cigarette?

The most frequently asked question from people interested in electric cigarettes is: "What is the best e-cigarette?". You want to make the best choice, of course, an electric cigarette that does exactly what you want. But you will probably have specific requirements, which is why there are so many brands and models to buy. We explain how you can choose the best e-cigarette with the following three focus points.

Note: We do not give sales advice about the best e-cigarette. This is not allowed by law, but the preference is different per person.

What to look out for with electric cigarettes

Apart from the design, colors or other frills, these are the three important criteria in determining the best e-cigarette:

1. Quality of the construction

A disposable cigarette is only suitable for people who want to test an e-cigarette. Then you better choose a refillable solution. You can take a sustainable electric cigarette and can take a beating. Make sure your model does not leak, has a good battery, and does not feel rickety. Rather spend more than losing money on (possibly dangerous) mess.

2. Ease of use and possibilities

Switchers usually opt for a simple MTL model with only a few components and easily refillable cartridges or a reservoir with e-liquid. Just as easy as lifting a cigarette. Hobbyists want a lot of setting options such as voltage and temperature for extra large vapors. These are DTL devices that do not even resemble e-cigarettes anymore.

3. Type of e-liquid

Eventually you want to inhale vapor, so you have to order e-liquid. There are liquid options for each type of tobacco, with the same taste and corresponding nicotine kick. Perhaps you prefer a coffee aroma or chocolate? That is also possible. With a good base liquid you can add flavors yourself, for example there are CBD e-liquids to replace (medicinal) weed.

The best e-cigarette is the electric cigarette that meets your requirements, and where you get a good experience. If you can not choose, ask the specialist.