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What is the best e-liquid brand?

The question "what is the best e-liquid brand" is often asked, yet you can not expect an unequivocal answer. Just as smokers prefer Marlboro filter cigarettes or Van Nelle heavy shag, e-liquids offer all kinds of variations for different preferences. Yet there are factual characteristics that influence the quality of the liquid in an e-cigarette.

Note: We do not make statements about the best e-liquid brand, we only give objective advice about liquid for electronic cigarettes.

What is in e-liquid?

Most types of e-liquid are based on a mixing ratio between PG liquid and VG liquid. Often a share of VG above 50% is preferred. PG has the familiar raw feeling in the back of the throat, some vaporizers may be hypersensitive to it. In addition, flavors are available that can vary from your favorite brand of cigarettes to sweet chewing gum or weed. Although nicotine is often present in e-liquid, liquids without nicotine are certainly available.

Cheap is expensive, is not it?

A brand product is not necessarily better than a house brand. Always pay attention to the composition and origin of the product. When you want 'Sub-Ohmen' with greater vapor production for direct vapors over the lungs, you will need a product with a higher share of VG. For standard e-cigarettes you can usually rely on the current e-liquid brands. Pay particular attention to imports from outside the EU, then you never know for sure which ingredients the liquid consists of, and whether there may be harmful effects on health.

Conclusion: What is the best e-liquid brand?

The best e-liquid brand is the product that you like best. Based on your preferences and the description of the product, you can determine the right choice yourself. Start with small amounts of e-liquid so that you can test different brands and tastes. This process is often a very special experience.