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What nicotine content for your e-cigarette?


With e-cigarettes, the topic nicotine content is soon discussed. How many milligrams should you choose as a former smoker? You can not just take over the values ​​of cigarettes, they can not be applied one-on-one to e-liquid. On this page you will find four categories of smokers and the recommended nicotine content.

Note: Nicotine is an addictive substance. Especially for non-smokers, it is strongly advised not to use electric cigarettes with nicotine.

1. Best nicotine content for heavy smokers

The biggest mistake that heavy smokers make (> 4 packs or> 3 bumps of shag per week) is fumes with a too low nicotine content. Go for 18mg to feed your addiction, and get used to vapors. After a few months or when you are ready, you will complete the need in steps.

2. Best nicotine content for average smokers

The light smokers (<3 packages or

3. Best nicotine content for occasional smokers

If you do not smoke for the nicotine you certainly should not stimulate it. Vapor with e-liquid without nicotine so that you do not get addicted to it. This applies to the category of 'social smokers' who like to take a puff at a party.

4. Best nicotine content for non-smoker

If you have stopped, or have never smoked, no vapors are better than vapors. But if it still wants to try, always opt for e-liquid with 0mg nicotine. Especially the distinctive flavors such as fruits and sweets are popular with this target group.

Heavy smokers can reduce their need with e-cigarettes, but if your nicotine requirement is still present, a dose that is too low may not meet your needs. So do not sit too low if you fall into the 'heavy smoker' category.