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Which e-cigarette should I buy?

Which e-cigarette should I buy?

There have been so many new e-cigarettes on the market in recent years that the consumer has become a bit confused. For people who would like to switch from smoking to fumes, there is first a study phase ahead. The question "Which e-cigarette should I buy?" Is often asked of us. With just a few choices you can make the selection much easier. And we are happy to help you.

Note: Unfortunately we can not say which e cigarette you should buy. Firstly, because the law bans advertising for e-cigarettes, and secondly because this choice is very personal. We can help to quickly come to a good choice.

Which e-cigarette should I buy?

Here are the main issues to take into account when ordering an electric cigarette.

1. MTL (Mouth To Lung)

From mouth to lung vapors is actually the same as normal smoking but with vapor. For most former smokers an MTL model will offer the most trusted experience. There are also models where you have to press a button before you take a go, there are also models that work without a button.

2. DL (Direct Lung)

Directly to the lungs is a method that has become popular lately. This way of fumes works much like a water pipe and with a higher vapor production. This method is also called Sub Ohmen, because the resistance of these products is below 1 Ohm for a very hot vapor with more volume.

3. Standard model or box mod

To make switching from normal smoking a bit more pleasant, a number of models are almost identical to a cigarette in terms of design. A box mod is more suitable for most options and settings. You walk around with a box around, and that's getting used to.

Which e cigarette should you buy? As long as you make a choice from the well-known brands, the quality is good, choose the product that meets your needs as a damper. Contact the supplier for more information.