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Which e-cigarette to buy?

Which e-cigarette should I buy?

If you want to take the leap from tobacco to e-liquid you will probably look surprised at all those e-cigarettes that you can buy nowadays. "Which e-cigarette should I buy?" Is the first question that switchers will ask themselves. This choice is personal, we can not just list the best electric cigarettes. We can help you to look through the vapor and get everything clear again.

Note: We only give general advice on electric cigarettes on this page. You will not find any buying advice here, you can make that choice yourself.

Which e-cigarette should I buy?

In the e-cigarette shop you will soon encounter dozens of brands and models of electric cigarettes. As a starter, you therefore quickly switch off. On the basis of a few concrete questions we can quickly make a selection:

What form should the e-cigarette be?

You have the standard cigarette shape that feels familiar to switchers, the boxmods have the shape of a box.

What vapor experience do you want?

The standard MTL models offer the same Mouth To Long experience as a normal cigarette, the DTL models go directly to the lungs as is also the case with a water pipe.

Do you opt for simple or versatile?

With a standard electric cigarette you can take a fetch directly from the packaging. With mods and boxmods you can sometimes control the temperature, the amount of vapor, etc.

What do you want to spend?

For a few euros you can buy a disposable e-cigarette, but that is a very temporary solution. For a few bucks you have a nice starter set, luxury boxmods with display and Sub Ohm coils can be much more expensive.

By answering the questions above you know quickly which e-cigarette you can buy. For starters, an MTL model is recommended, which gives the recognizable feeling of cigarettes which makes the switch easier.