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Which e-cigarette to choose?

Which e-cigarette to choose?

You take a look at the shelf with electric cigarettes while you buy a packet of cigarettes in the tobacco shop. You look around online and see a list of e-cigarettes that raises more questions than answered. Which e-cigarette to choose? It does not have to be that complicated as long as you first determine what your preferences are and what you expect from electric smoking. We help you make an informed choice with the checklist and tips on this page.

Note: We only give general information about e-cigarettes, you will not find any recommendations here.

Which e-cigarette choose checklist


Are you someone who wants to take a quick job, do you always have too little time? Then opt for a simple e-cigarette with a large and possibly replaceable battery. Make it easy for yourself and avoid fiddling.

Switching from smoking to vaping

Most of the vapors were once smokers, if you belong to the category of ex-smokers you can best start with a standard e-cigarette in the form of a standard cigarette with as few bells and whistles as possible. That is still possible. E-liquid with nicotine will be inevitable for you.


If you have never smoked before, you should not buy e-liquid with nicotine. Then you prevent that addiction that makes smoking so dangerous. Although there are festive flavors such as bubblegum, electric smoking is not meant for children!

Gadget lovers

Control freaks and gadget geeks will get water in the mouth when you see the mods and boxmods that you can completely customize with for example sub Ohm functionality for more vapor and exact temperature settings. You have models with extensive touch screens that look more like smartphones than on cigarettes.

Decision tips for a good e-cigarette

  1. Do you doubt whether electric smoking is something for you? Start with a starter kit and keep it simple. Upgrading is always possible.
  2. For large inhalers, a Sub Ohm mod with low resistance is very popular.
  3. Boxmods let you set everything you want, for real enthusiasts a must.

Not sure what to choose? Then contact the specialists for more information.