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Which e-liquid do I need?

Which e-liquid do I need?

With electric smoking there are many options for both the "hardware" (the cigarette) and the "software" (the liquid). The answer to the question "Which e-liquid do I need?" Is not easy to determine because it is a personal choice per individual. We will briefly explain the differences in order to make the choice simpler.

Please note: We do not make recommendations on the best e-liquid, we only provide information about the different products and differences.

PG and VG

To make e-liquid, two basic substances are used; Propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetarian Glycerin (VG). Although taste and nicotine dissolve well in PG this can give a feeling in the throat. VG feels softer and gives more vapor. The disadvantage of VG is the liquid that becomes thicker. Not all electric cigarettes can handle this. For e-liquids with a high VG content you will have to use a sub-Ohm e-cigarette for optimal comfort. In addition to the tangible stimulus in the throat, it is possible that you are truly allergic to Propylene Glycol. If you experience discomfort during vapors, and you experience complaints of the throat, tongue or skin, you should immediately stop taking this fluid and consult a specialist.

Nicotine content

You can buy e-liquid with a different nicotine content. Heavy smokers generally choose 12 mg / ml, and average smokers may start at 6 mg / ml. It is possible to reduce the nicotine need with electrical smoking in order to get rid of the addiction. If you have not previously smoked, you can also opt for no nicotine in the e-liquid. If the steps between 12 and 9 are too big, you can also mix refill tanks for a different ratio.

Which e-liquid do I need?

Tastes differ, former smokers usually opt for a tobacco taste, new vapors are usually a bit more adventurous. There is thus no best e-liquid, you can make your own choice based on your preferences.