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Which nicotine content should I choose?

Which nicotine content should I choose?

Why do people smoke? For some smokers, a cigarette equals a moment of rest during the break, for others it is a kind of relay from cigarette to cigarette. Because of the presence of nicotine, cigarettes are addictive,  in e-liquid with electric smoking that is exactly the same. Yet there are also differences that raise the question; which nicotine content should I choose?

Note: Nicotine is an addictive substance, we absolutely do not recommend products that can lead to possible addiction.

Which nicotine concentration?

Which nicotine content to choose is personal

If you have not previously smoked cigarettes, it is not advisable to use e-liquid that contains nicotine. It is possible, but then you can also become addicted to e-cigarettes. For former smokers, electric smoking is often chosen as a "healthier" alternative, or to reduce the addiction. The indication on tobacco and e-liquid is different, comparing is therefore quite difficult. In addition, other issues also play a role, such as the amount of nicotine that you actually get in your body.

Comparison with normal cigarettes

Because the nicotine content in milligram does not say much for most people, we try to translate it into standard types of cigarettes. In practice, however, this can differ.

  • At 0 milligram it is no nicotine in the e-liquid.
  • At 3 milligrams we speak of Light cigarettes.
  • At 6 milligrams we fluctuate between Light and Medium cigarettes.
  • At 12 milligrams we are at the level of Normal cigarettes.
  • At 18 milligrams you can make the comparison with heavy cigarettes or shag.

For ex-smokers, it is obvious to start with the value that corresponds to the normal smoking behavior. You can then try to reduce the addiction. The advantage of vapor over harmful smoke is always present, the dependence on nicotine does not change directly with electric vapers.

If you are not sure which nicotine content is best for your use, you can ask for advice from the supplier.