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Which nicotine intake can you expect from e-liquid?

Which nicotine intake can you expect from e-liquid?

In the Netherlands the share of nicotine in e-liquid is between 0mg and 18mg. But how does this relate to a normal cigarette? If you want to switch from cigarette smoking to e-cigarette fumes, you will have to adjust the concentration of nicotine to your average cigarette use. That is why we make a calculation example of nicotine absorption from e-liquid on this page, so that you can determine which type of e-liquid fits your nicotine needs.

Note: Although vapors are less harmful to health, nicotine absorption from e-liquid remains addictive.

How does nicotine absorption from e-liquid work?

Just like the smoke of a cigarette, you will not get the full amount of nicotine from the vapor in your body. In practice, this amounts to about 30%, but this depends on the type of e-cigarette and the way of fumes.

Example of nicotine absorption from tobacco

  • When you take medium heavy tobacco, you get about 0.8mg of nicotine in your body.
  • With an average of nineteen cigarettes per day you come to 15.2mg.
  • If you take on average twelve strokes of a cigarette, you will take 228 picks.

Example of nicotine intake from e-liquid

  • We assume e-liquid on the basis of 12mg.
  • A third of this you will actually get in your body, which is 3.6mg.
  • On average, a milliliter of e-liquid is compared with fourteen cigarettes.
  • You can take about 150 picks from one milliliter of e-liquid.
  • Converted 228 shots of an e-cigarette to 6.6 mg nicotine.


Many numbers, but it comes to assume that vapors per fetch less nicotine supplies than cigarettes. Often ex-smokers will get more out of an e-cigarette than they are used to smoking cigarettes. This is often a transitional phase, many former smokers use e-cigarettes to get rid of their nicotine addiction.

You can not just compare cigarettes with electric fumes. Adjust the concentration of nicotine in e-liquid to your personal need to prevent you from smoking cigarettes again.