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Which smoker to buy for electric smoking?

Which smoker to buy for electric smoking?


If you are looking for a barbecue to provide pieces of meat with a delicious smoked flavor, then you have unfortunately landed on the wrong page. This article is about electric cigarettes that are also called dampers or smokers. If you are planning to buy a smoker to steam along with, then you can continue reading!



Buy a smoker to vaporize

First, let's clear up a misunderstanding; you cannot smoke with an electric cigarette. The term "smoking" is used out of habit because a traditional cigarette burns tobacco. With e-smoking, a liquid is evaporated, which means electrical vapor. So you can buy a smoker, but if real smoke comes out, something goes wrong. Those clouds should no longer be like vapor ...



Buy the best smoker

The best electric damper you can buy is ... Sorry, we cannot give a definitive answer to this. Firstly, because the legislation does not allow this, we are not allowed to advertise this type of product. In addition, there are specific preferences that will differ per person. That is why we put together five options:


  1. Disposable e-cigarette: If you just want to try out fumes once, you can buy a disposable e-cigarette. But in most cases we do not recommend this type of wasteful product.
  2. MTL vaporisers: Allows the vapor from your mouth to your lungs. This experience corresponds to normal cigarettes.
  3. DTL vaporisers: With these smokers, the vapor goes directly to your lungs. That looks a bit like smoking a water pipe.
  4. Mods: These products can be adjusted as desired to optimize the vapor experience.
  5. Boxmods: These types of devices no longer resemble cigarettes and are often high-tech "boxes" with many setting options. Consider temperature setting and variable resistance. Do you want to buy a boxmod smoker? Then some knowledge is important.


Buying the best smoker therefore strongly depends on your preferences. To replace cigarette smoking, a simple MTL damper is the logical choice, hobbyists who want to get the most out of it often opt for box mods.