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Why buy individual box mod parts

A standard e-cigarette is very easy to use, you don't even need a lighter for it! Press the button, inhale and you're done. Occasionally recharging the battery, topping up e-liquid and changing the coil, that's all that matters. Then why would you make a fuss with loose box mod parts, and what do you need to steam with these cabinets?

What is a box mod?

Basically it is an e-cigarette that has the shape of a box instead of an elongated design. This makes it easier to give the device more functionality such as a variable temperature and resistance setting. You can place larger or more batteries in it, or the box can be provided with a display to control all settings. It therefore offers you more options to personalize the vapor down to the smallest detail.

What are box mod parts?

These are the individual parts that make up the e-cigarette. There are mods with a built-in battery, but usually the batteries will have to be installed separately. The use of separate batteries has the advantage that you can replace the battery separately from the box. And vice versa too. Then you have the clearomizer, which is available separately with most e-cigarettes. With mods the choice of clearomizers is often larger, you cannot just use every clearomizer. With coils you can choose from different materials, and the way of filament winding also makes a difference during the fumes. It is also possible to run your own coils yourself, you need some more tools and a little insight for that.

Is it worth buying everything separately?

It all depends on what you want to achieve with electric fumes. If you want to replace normal cigarettes without fuss, it's better to buy an all-in-one e-cigarette with standard parts. With the e-liquid you can still vary in taste and experience. But if you want to have more control over issues such as temperature, resistance and vapor production, you are much more flexible with loose box mod parts. Always pay attention with do-it-yourself elements, and measure everything in advance for safe use.