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Why compare e-cigarette batteries?

When you buy an electric cigarette, a battery will be included. You probably do not immediately think that there are differences between different types of battery. Nevertheless, the voltage can affect the smoking experience. So it is high time to explain the difference, and compare how e-cigarette batteries compare.


E-cigarette Comparing batteries is experimenting

We already indicated that a standard supplied battery packs about 3.7 volts, which is sufficient for a standard and reliable smoking experience. However, deviating from this voltage can affect the taste, because the evaporation will also be different. By adjusting the power up or down, the amount of vapor will also be different. There is no winner in e-cigarette comparisons because tastes simply differ.

Excess damage

Too much of a good thing is not the intention, also pay attention to when using a battery with a higher voltage. You can compare batteries for the highest voltage with e-cigarette, but then you run the risk of the e-liquid being burned. In that case you have to lower the voltage anyway, perhaps the coil will have to be replaced.

Compare e-cigarette batteries makes absolutely difference for the experienced electric smoker, you do not have to keep the standard battery.