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Why did Trump ban some of the e-cigarettes?

Trump bans e-cigarettes in AmericaIn the third quarter of 2019, a number of Americans who had all recently used e-cigarettes died suddenly. Soon a general ban on e-cigarettes was requested. President Trump initially did not respond to this, but would later temporarily ban part of the range. Why did he do this, and how harmful are e-cigarettes?

Why did Trump ban e-cigarettes?

Vaping products with flavors such as fruit, sweets and desserts may no longer be sold in regular shops, an exception would be made for 'tasteless' aromas. The motivation was to protect American families and cigarette manufacturers. The first target group is easy to justify, the second group sounds a bit strange. Apparently, cigarettes are damaging to tobacco manufacturers, and that is not the intention according to the current US government. A separate point of view, but what about the young people?

Vaping in young people

According to polls, 1 in 4 young people under 21 have ever vaporized. The difference between single and regular use is not taken into account. Other research has shown that young people in particular are not interested in sweet flavors, which makes the ban on these products a strange choice. It should also be noted that all vapors can be attributed to the vaping with THC, an active substance in hemp. And that substance was mixed with vitamin E acetate, which is very dangerous if inhaled. A ban on e-cigarettes and e-liquids makes no difference, because the victims have all used illegal black market products.

Only for above 21

Researchers have already concluded that vaping is not risk-free, but that smoking is still worse for health than any other alternative. Strong regulation, supervision and information can save lives, but who thinks of the families of tobacco manufacturers?