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Wismec e-cigarette

Wismec is a brand of electric cigarettes that supplies various products for dampers. Although the product range is quite broad, the design is mainly aimed at the more experienced users and the Sub-Ohm dampers who like to keep control of temperature and wattage. The Wismec e-cigarette therefore no longer looks like the well-known cigarette that we know, especially the boxmods of this brand are the most popular.

About Wismec

As a brand, Wismec sets itself fairly modestly. They say that they are not the most famous brand of e-cigarettes, although they are working hard to change this. That is why they attract experienced professionals to develop new products. The R&D department is located in the United States while production takes place in China. To be admitted to Europe, strict conditions must be met.

These are some special innovations of the Wismec e-cigarette:

  • The THROUGH is a special tank with a single WT01 0.35 Ohm head and a WT02 double 0.2 Ohm head for an intense taste and large vapor production.
  • The WT mesh coil is made from 70% organic cotton and 30% wood pulp for a more uniform taste.
  • The e-liquid is distributed via an ingenious 360-degree system, which prevents leakage and intensifies the taste.
  • The Wismec Presa MOD delivers a powerful 100 Watt with temperature control and Variable Voltage mode.

Wismec e-cigarette for advanced vapers

There are two ways to vaporize: On the one hand MTL vapors from Mouth to Long, this corresponds to the normal way of smoking. There is also DTL vaping where the vapor goes directly to the lung. This method is also called Sub-Ohm vaping. To make optimum use of this, control over temperature and wattage is important. Although not every type of Wismec e-cigarette is equally extensive, there are box mods with a capacity of 230 Watt, they also produce WM coils with a resistance of up to 0.2 Ohm. With that you produce huge vapor clouds for an optimal DTL experience.

Brand: Wismec Model: WISMEC PRESA - 100W MOD
This is the last addition in the Presa line of the brand Wismec, a 100 Watt MOD with the possibility to use a 26650 battery or a 18650 battery with a supplied adapter. Of course it is equipped with TC (Temperature Control) for Ni200 (Nickel), Ti (Titanium) and SS316 (Stainless Steel). He also has..
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