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Withdrawal symptoms when stopping smoking

What are the withdrawal symptoms when stopping smoking?

There are plenty of reasons to stop smoking, but many smokers oppose the withdrawal symptoms that smoking cessation entails. Smoking is an addiction, and you will have to kick off to go "clean" again. To get you ready for a non-smoking life we ​​mention on this page the main withdrawal symptoms you can experience when you stop smoking.


Note: Although alternatives such as nicotine patches and e-cigarettes with nicotine may offer relief, they are not substitutes for the complete avoidance of nicotine.


Withdrawal symptoms stop smoking

Not everyone will notice exactly the same symptoms to the same extent, these are the most common withdrawal symptoms when stopping smoking:

  • You can get irritated quickly and come to aggressive outbursts.
  • You may experience concentration problems during work.
  • You can not find peace, both mentally and physically.
  • It is harder to get to sleep.
  • You can feel anxious without knowing why.
  • Feelings of depression can come over you.
  • You always want to eat, much more than before.
  • Nausea and difficulty with defecation occur regularly.


How long have you suffered from these symptoms?

After two days the nicotine will be out of your body, this is also the period in which you will experience the most intense reactions. Other symptoms persist longer, such as the urge to eat and feelings of depression.


Is electric smoking a good alternative?

E-cigarettes with nicotine meet both the physical and mental requirements for a smoker. You have something in your hands, you choose when you take a puff and you get the same dose of nicotine but without the harmful substances. It is possible to reduce the concentration of nicotine with the ultimate goal of no dependence on (electric) cigarettes.

Quitting smoking is not easy for anyone, prepare well for the chance of relapse in your old pattern.