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You MUST know this about the e-cigarette battery!

You MUST know this about the e-cigarette battery!

With exploding smartphone batteries on your ear it does not seem wise to keep electrical devices against your face. What about the battery in an e-cigarette? Is that safe, or do you play Russian Roulette with your lips? On this page you can read what you need to know about batteries of electric cigarettes.

Note: We do not give buying advice on e-cigarettes or the best battery on this page. We do provide information about the points of attention in the purchase and maintenance of batteries for electric cigarettes.

E-cigarette battery tips

1. More vapors = more capacity

For someone who only occasionally takes a puff you do not have to look at the capacity of the battery. If you do a lot of steaming and do not want to put your e-cigarette on the charger, we recommend a device with a high capacity battery.

2. Replaceable battery

E-cigarettes with built-in batteries are usually not usable during charging, if you buy a copy with two separate batteries you can immediately change when necessary.

3. Pay attention to the charger

Use the supplied charger where possible, or make sure that the charger matches the battery you use to prevent problems.

4. Transport batteries separately

You should not simply put batteries in your pocket or put them in the glove compartment of the car. Keep them safe in a pouch or pouch and make sure the contact points can not touch each other.

5. Keep it dry

Make sure that the contact points remain dry, condensation can form condensation. Open the e-cigarette for airing, or wipe the contacts with a cloth.

Take care of the battery of your e-cigarette, then vapors is very safe. Always buy batteries that are suitable for the brand and model, and pay attention to non-official batteries or import of unclear origin.